Quality Leads

Get high quality leads that are actually interested in your business!

    Instant Notifications

Our systems will notify you immediately when a lead has signed up so you can take action


    Great ROI’s

We consistently provide our clients with a great ROI’s often over 500%



Depending on your industry, we consistently drive 10-500 qualified leads month after month


Starting a new business is scary, we’re experts in insurance but had no idea where to begin in digital marketing. Breakthrough was so kind and thoughtful in not only coming up with our strategy, but helping us understand the process. It was really comforting

Sandy / Insurance Agent

We were spending so much money on all the wrong things! We re-routed our marketing spend to digital, and streamlined our processes around it. The impact has been incredible

Kevin / Auto Dealership

We had no idea that we could get such high quality leads through digital marketing, Thu and team have made such an impact in our business, we are trying to update all our processes to keep up.

Jerry / Mortgage Broker

Getting restaurant traffic is hard, and all the existing methods are so indirect it’s hard to know if it’s working. With digital marketing, we couldn’t believe how easily measurable everything is. It’s nice to know exactly how your money is being spent

Jed / Restaurant Owner

I knew i had a good service to offer the world, but I just didn’t know how to get the word out. Flyers and a Social media page weren’t cutting it. Discovering digital marketing gave me the breakthrough i need to launch my business

Mark / Pharmacist

Social Media and Flyers could only get me so far with my events. Thu was able to fill our venues so much easier and in less time. It’s made my job so much easier

Jennifer / Event

Using cutting edge digital marketing techniques

Generate High Quality Leads

Using the wrong techniques, many agencies may give you a list of cold leads that cost you time and money. We focus on quality, and giving you leads that are highly convertible.

Instant Notifications

The data is clear. The sooner you contact a high quality lead, the higher the chance of conversion. We’ve setup a system that will SMS text or eMail you instantly when a lead is generated.

Huge measurable ROI’s

A major friction point in traditional marketing is that it isn’t always clear if the spend is generating a return on investment. 

We ensure that everything we do is trackable, and the results are clear. We focus on bringing you a huge ROI and making sure get as much value as possible.  Every month you’ll have exact clarity on how much value we’ve brought, and where your marketing spend has been going.

Learn about your demographic

As our campaigns are generating high quality leads, we also learn more and more about your demographic. Over time this allows us to focus more on the customers that are likely to buy your services.

This information also allows you to adjust your branding and sometimes even pivot your message to cater to your new discovered key demographic.

About Us

We are successful eCommerce entrepreneurs that have been using cutting edge marketing techniques for years to grow our businesses. 

As we grew we realized how much these same techniques could be used to help any business grow. We’ve dedicated this agency to helping businesses make their breakthrough into the digital marketing world.

How We Work in 5 Easy Steps

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